Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Winners of the Feed My Lips Mint Moisture Stick

The chosen receptacle
for the drawing
I promised to announce the 2 winning names for the Minty Feed My Lips Moisture Stick today. The comments were not so numerous, so everyone who posted had a good chance of winning. To choose the winners, I went totally old fashioned and did a 'pick the names out of a hat' thing. Everyones comments were printed out, folded and placed in a fitting receptacle – my favorite Spring-like straw hat (with a sunscreening brim as wide as a small umbrella). I then asked my (completely unbiased and neutral) husband to pick 2 names.

Here is his completely ubiased hand picking 2 names. (I even made him look the other way).

Here are the names he picked.
Congrats to Fru. Ekelund and Shannon! Please send me an email with your address and a minty moisture stick will be in the mail as fast as I can package it.

For those who may be interested, you will find that the Feed My Lips Mint Moisture Stick is now officially 'live' on my homepage.


Fru. Ekelund said...

Hurraaaa!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Anna-Vera said...

Hmm, well I guess I'll just have to purchase one then!