Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Rose in Any Other Bottle...

New label design and bottle
Some time last year I found a new supplier of bottles for my skin tonics & drenches and decided to give the label design a bit of an overhaul to match the straightforward, no-nonsense look of the new container. I'm quite pleased with the 'frosted-yet-clear' quality of these new bottles, and find them ideal for the 'very liquid' products I do. Shown is the Rose Skin Tonic I just finished making – an irreplaceable staple in my daily skin care routine (guaranteed to start the day with a smile). Below is a picture of the initial bottle (I actually still use these as well). The 'old' bottle has softer lines and is completely clear (which has its advantages for some products).

The first bottle and label design
A Never Ending Quest
One feature the initial bottles have that I miss in the new ones is an insert in the top opening that makes it easier to control the amount of product being dispensed. Finding the perfect container(s) is an ongoing quest for me, as I require environmentally friendly products and am unable order anything in large amounts (normally the minimum order size for containers is 10.000 units – that's a tad more than I usually produce at a time).
The packaging and bottles I use are 
eco-friendly – composed of materials such as polyethane, polypropane, PP, thermoplastic, esterplast, PET and PETG.

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