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Developing Deodorant - Musings from the Uncrowned Queen of the Pits

Over the years, I've developed so many deodorants, I am tempted to dub myself the Uncrowned Queen of the Pits (and yes, that pun was totally intended).

I shouldn't really make fun, but deodorant is kind of a 'second class citizen' in the cosmetics world. Deodorants never make it to the prestigious shelves in the shops. A new deodorant never gets the same attention and marketing hype as, say, a new face cream, anti-age serum, or even shampoo.

Deodorants just aren't very sexy.

Through a series of happenstances over the years, working on solving underarm sensitivity, body odor, and creating deodorants seems to have become an integral part of my cosmetics-making fate.

Is that the pits?

Actually, no.

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