What a few people who use LisaLise products have to say

I would advise LisaLise skin and hair care products to anybody that has perhaps struggled to find that ‘perfect’ product in the past. Maybe you have acne or pimples like me, or your skin looks dull or is flaking? Whatever the issue, I am certain that Lise and her obvious knowledge about the organic and natural ingredients she uses, will be able to offer you a product to help!
With LisaLise you are paying for a personal, unique service. You are treated as a real individual and your concerns and thoughts are listened to and acknowledged. Every effort is made to ensure that your product is as best as it can be to help you… and you just have to put a little bit of effort in at the start to provide the information to enable this to be done.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy methinks!
Elle Mason, United Kingdom
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"Jeg har gennem flere år været en yderst tilfreds forbruger af LisaLise produkter. Jeg sværgede til de flere førende franske mærker, indtil jeg prøvede LisaLise. Her er ingen mistænkelige fyldstoffer/ tilsætningsstoffer eller dårlige fedtstoffer eller olier, så jeg behøver ikke være bekymret. Det giver mig tryghed. Størstedelen af de plejeprodukter, jeg anvender, har Lise fremstillet til mig, efter at have modtaget info om netop mine ønsker. Hos LisaLise bliver min huds behov gennemgået, herefter fremstilles et produkt netop til mig. Der bliver tilsat de ting, som min hud har behov for og i de mængder som gavner netop mig mest. Det er forkælelse i ordets bedste betydning. Det er tydeligt at se, det er godt for min hud – og dermed min velvære. Jeg har kun de beste anbefalinger at give produkter fra LisaLise, jeg har prøvet rigtig mange af dem. Pas på, du bliver afhængig :)"
Anna Ottesen, Denmark
TRANSLATION: "I have for several years been a very satisfied customer of LisaLise products. I used to swear by several leading French brand names until I tried LisaLise. There are no suspicious fillers/additives and no bad fats or oils, so I don't need to worry. It makes me feel secure. Most of the products I use are personally made for me after a thorough briefing of my wishes. With LisaLise, my personal needs are discussed, then a product is made to order. It includes the exact things my skin needs and in the dosages that benefit me most. That's pampering in the best sense of the word. It is obvious to see that my skin has benefited, and therefore, also my wellbeing. I have only the highest recommendations for LisaLise products. I've tried a lot of them. Be careful, you'll get addicted."

"I've been a lucky LisaLise tester for several years now, and I have to say: I love the concept and I love the products!
It's been fun and really informational to follow the development of the product line. But what I've really appreciated while using the LisaLise products, is the way Lise is able to personalize creams, lotions, spritzers and face oils especially for my skin-type and what I feel I need. And as a result, there are several items from the LisaLise product line, that are part of my daily skin routine and which I wouldn't even think of going back to store-bought versions for. For example, I don't use any other eye cream now except the Herbal Repair Toning Eye Solution. The products are gentle, all natural and they work... period! What more could a girl want from her skin care?"
Anna-Vera M. Sigsgaard, Denmark
Tak for den dejlige Bare Basic Deep Hydration Lotion. Trods adskillige dyre investeringer, er det første gang, jeg prøver et produkt, der ikke svier i øjenomgivelserne."

Aase Randstoft, Denmark
TRANSLATION: "Thank you for the lovely Bare Basic Deep Hydration Lotion. Despite numerous expensive purchases, this is the first time I have tried a product that doesn't sting the area around my eyes."
"The LisaLise Sensitive Scalp Gentle Wash Shampoo cleans my hair, smells good, and keeps dandruff at bay without bothering my annoyingly sensitive skin."

Brian Meidell, Denmark
"Dear Lise
Your lotion is now my favorite. Thank you for all your work on my behalf. I know I am a difficult customer. It is a long process, still ongoing as you keep improving ‘my personal’ lotion: Bare Basic Deep Hydration Lotion is perfect for allergic skin. I have suffered from Atopic Excema since childhood. All my adult life I have been chasing good lotions for my difficult skin. Yay – I found it. You actually concocted it. Pure natural magic! Thanks!!!!"
Kirsten Honoré, Denmark
"I have become the lucky owner of LisaLise's Rose Skin Mist.
Not only does it freshen you up any time of the day, leaving your skin soft and gorgeous without residuals of grease and chemicals.
 Why? Well, remember when you were child? Remember the rosebushes you passed in the sunshine, once when life was still good and the sun was always shining on your life and you?
That's the smell of Rose Skin Mist! And that is the feeling you get back every time you use this wonderful 100% real rose mist!
 Have I gotten addicted? You bet....:O)
I love it!"
 Linda Gil, Denmark
"I have had the pleasure of using LisaLise products for about 2 years now, and I am so thrilled by every one I try! The Herbal Repair Toning Eye Solution is an absolute must in my nightly routine. Knowing that I'm using only pure and natural products on the sensitive skin around my eyes is a relief, especially with growing research showing that mass produced face creams are actually dangerous. The Shea Butter Whipped Cream is another favorite, and I've been savoring a sample of the Multi-Vitamin Intense Care Cream for months-- it really works!"
Katrin Meidell, USA

"Jeg vil gerne først og fremmest slå fast at: LisaLises hudpleje virker. Den skintonic, jeg fik med strammer op uden at tørre ud, og øjencremen ville jeg gerne have råd til at smøre i et tykt lag på begge lår, for når den i den grad gør så meget godt for øjnene, hvad kan den så ikke udvirke af mirakler andre steder? Fem stjerner og to tommelfingre op ad til disse vidunderprodukter!"
Julia Lahme, Denmark
TRANSLATION: "I would first and foremost like to affirm that LisaLise's skin care works. The skin tonics I received lifted and toned without drying out my skin, and I would love to be able to afford to apply a thick layer of the eye cream on both thighs, because when it does this much good for my eye area, I can only imagine what miracles it would do in other areas. Five stars and two thumbs up for these wonderful products!"
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