Who is LisaLise

Ever wonder what's in the products you apply to your face, hair and body?

Years ago, this question got me started making my own cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, and make-up. I started this blog to share some of my accumulated knowledge and experiences.

My cosmetics-making journey started when I was in my teens. A 'How to' book caught my interest, and it wasn't long before I could pronounce my first lip balm a success. The scent of beeswax and process of turning a few simple ingredients into something useful had me hooked.

Subsequent travel and work separated me from my newfound interest, which remained a memory until a friend and I discovered we shared the same passion for skincare products with natural ingredients.

I began studying the different ingredients, production of skin and hair care products, and started developing my own products. My primary test group was myself and immediate family. Friends and family followed the progress and soon began voicing requests.

After years of research, testing, and product development, I am happy to share my acquired knowledge and experience with others who are 'smitten' with the same passion for creating cosmetics – and that's why I started this blog.

Hopefully, some of the posts will inspire you to make your own products as well.

"Skin and hair care should be pleasurable, natural and safe – gentle, yet extremely effective.

I believe it should feel so luxurious that it is a labour of love – something to look forward to."

Lise M Andersen